Get to know J’chelle!


Hey Queen! My name is J’chelle and I want to thank you so much for exploring Amor J’chelle Cosmetics, LLC! I am a PROUD 100% Honduran and Garifuna woman from the Bronx but raised and currently living in Virginia! I created Amor J’chelle Cosmetics because growing up as a dark-skin Hispanic woman, I struggled with feeling beautiful and feeling like a queen because society does not emphasize the beauty of dark-skin women, ESPECIALLY in Latin America. I allowed colorism to determine my beauty and Amor J'chelle Cosmetics' goal is to stop that! We are all QUEENS, regardless of our skin color, body shape, and facial structure. We are all ROYALTY and this is why our customers are called Reinas Queridas (Lovely Queens) because "She is a Queen and a Queen is She" and "Ella es una Reina y una Reina es Ella"!



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